Elements of Our Model:

  • We don’t limit ourselves to any single issue, preferring to capitalize on the ways issues intersect, overlap and inform one another.

  • We do build on prototypes and learning projects in places where we have momentum and capacity. 

  • As we refine prototypes they may spin off and stand on their own, like the Birth Rights Bar Association, or projects may stay small and intimate, like the circle we form around an individual legal client for a finite amount of time.

  • We provide sliding scale reproductive justice oriented legal services.

  • We offer coaching to leaders, families, and individuals to help them tackle whatever they are facing with the most of their resources, and consult with individuals and organizations seeking to increase their capacity to address bias on  internal, external, structural and organizational levels.

  • We build local and national networks to address issues of birth and reproductive justice.

  • We develop accessible reproductive justice educational curricula, materials, and research.