Elephant Circle brings the strength of advocacy, scientific inquiry, information, and education to issues of birth and reproductive justice, protecting mothers, their children, families, and health providers.

Elephant Circle was founded in 2009 with fiscal sponsorship from the Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity and Reproductive Rights

Elephant Circle works on a broad range of issues related to birth and reproductive justice, with a focus on developing prototypes for service that can expand and grow through adoption by other organizations or shifts in policy. Prototypes have included:

  • a childbirth preparation class using the midwifery model for teen women of color

  • development of anti-shackling legislation

  • creation of Delivering Natural Care for Families (a consumer coalition for midwifery legislation)

  • a method of providing financial support for birth workers of color

  • a group for Incarcerated Survivors Initiating Social Change at Denver Women’s Correctional Facility

  • The Birth Rights Bar Association

  • “Innovation Bootcamp,” a workshop on innovation and social justice in collaboration with CoreAlign

  • Work with national organizations on access and equity as it relates to race, gender, and sexual orientation

  • a voter guide focusing on the Executive Branch, in collaboration with Forward Together

  • curriculum for subjects ranging from criminal justice reform to pregnancy and cannabis use to cultivating innovative mindsets to regulatory law, and more.

  • partnership with and employment of individuals who may otherwise experience challenges in  seeking employment; we work with LGBTQAUI and gender nonconforming people, queer folks, caregivers, parents, and innovators.

Someone giving birth is at their most powerful, and their most vulnerable. They need support, protection, understanding, and care. This circle of protection can come from families and health providers. But sometimes they need more than the usual level of care. And inequity and bias can break down the system of support.

Why Elephant Circle? During birth, members of a laboring mother elephant’s community stay with her for as long as needed, providing defense, protection, and support.