We provide legal education and consulting focusing on issues related to the perinatal period. We provide very limited direct legal representation. Contact us to inquire about a consultation.

Family Formation Services

We provide direct legal representations for families during the family formation process if they want to use a sperm, or egg donor, or gestational carrier, if they are wanting to establish their parentage during gestation in Colorado, or if they are wanting to do something else that doesn’t quite seem to fit in existing structures.

We can consult with you about your family formation, and we can draft, review and negotiate contracts (sperm or egg donor contracts, or gestational carrier contracts). Our fees are generally $250 per hour and we have flat fees of $500-$1000 for common family formation processes or contracts.

We are happy to work closely with Colorado Surrogacy and love to support people at the formation stage of familihood. Plus, when you use Elephant Circle legal services for your family formation needs, you know that you’re also supporting policy and advocacy work that strives to ensure every family has the right to forge their path in their own way and define who they promise to care for and how, especially during that critical perinatal period (gestation through the first two years). Plus, at Elephant Circle, we have lots of experience with creative family formation. Here’s an article from the Denver Post about family formation attorney Indra Lusero’s family (from ten years ago, and the adventure continues!).

For people just beginning to think about pathways to legal parentage in Colorado, we recommend this blog post.

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