We provide sliding scale reproductive justice oriented legal services including:

  • Family formation services like contracts for sperm, egg, and embryo donation and surrogacy, and consulting for alternative family structures and restructuring

  • Consulting for with alternative families, and families wanting to rearrange their agreements including DIY custody, paternity and estate planning

  • Advocacy and support for parents facing abuse and neglect investigations, findings and court proceedings, including, as it relates to marijuana

  • Representation for birth workers and birth centers to support their ability to sustainably offer important reproductive health services

Needing a lawyer can be very vulnerable and it’s another way where strong people need support. That’s why we offer a unique kind of legal service that focuses on empowering people, demystifying the process, and increasing access.

To demystify the process and empower folks we provide coaching and support that focuses on power dynamics, social, emotional and family systems, trust, and non-legal alternatives.  

To make legal services more accessible for folks of modest means, we offer services at half the market rate (based on the most recent data from the Colorado Bar Association), and we focus on civil law (because public attorneys are provided in criminal law). And we give the client the flexibility to contract for discrete tasks which can empower clients and keep costs down. For more on the access to civil justice problem in the U.S. see this article "Equal Justice Under Law" from Santa Clara University's Markkula Center for Applied Ethics. 

Our scale slides from $250-$150/hour (we can go lower for folks on public assistance), or we can develop a per-case or project-based flat fee. To inquire about legal services contact us

Disclaimer: This webpage does not constitute legal advice. Nor does your reading of this page or contacting us through our contact form create a lawyer-client relationship.