We offer coaching and consulting to leaders, families, and individuals to help them tackle whatever birth justice issue they are facing. We focus on the HOW and the WHAT of birth justice. Birth justice requires strategies for tackling systems of power and oppression, and strategies for change and resilience. Birth justice also requires expertise in the legal, health, and biologic systems related to the perinatal period. We would love to consult with you or establish coaching for any combination of the HOW and the WHAT.

Examples of our work include:

  • coaching CoreAlign Generative Fellows working on innovative reproductive justice projects

  • consulting with attorneys outside of Colorado working on birth justice cases

  • consulting with a tech firm on how to bridge the gender-gap in their organization

  • coaching individuals who are working to divorce or rearrange their intimate relationships without court intervention

  • consulting with health care providers about how to talk to their patients about marijuana use during pregnancy and breastfeeding

  • consulting with out-of-hospital birth care providers about how to deal with legal and regulatory issues

We work on a project or hourly fee basis, our scale slides from $150-$75/hour. Contact us to set up your coaching or consulting plan today.