Circling around strong people during vulnerable times.


Who We Are 

indra lusero and leaders of the denver health doula program

indra lusero and leaders of the denver health doula program

We began our practice as queer Latin@s, of diverse heritage, from the Southwest, to attend to the deep wounds in the maternity care system, among incarcerated folks and those who have experienced intimate violence. We focus on presently and historically marginalized groups, groups no one else is helping, & groups that share an intersectional reproductive justice analysis.  

What We Do

preparing for a workshop 

preparing for a workshop 

 Elephant Circle works on a broad range of issues related to birth and reproductive justice. We love developing prototypes & innovative ways of addressing reproductive justice that can expand and grow through adoption by other organizations or shifts in policy. Our work takes place through community organizing, training, research, outreach, and provision of legal services.

Ways to Engage

colorado birth center rulemaking stakeholders at a 2016 meeting

Check our Events Page for our latest happenings or refer to our Circle Blog for new ideas or points of engagement. We have two big events in July: on July 19th The Birth Center Rulemaking Hearing and Celebration from 10am-2pm, and on July 27th from 6-8pm the screening of internationally acclaimed short film "Letter to My Mother" and launch of the Message to Our Mothers | Mensaje a Nuestras Madres Project.

“I could tell them my feelings about things along the way, and was supported and guided to find my own voice.”

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