Elephant Circle At Work

Protecting a Mother's Health
Protecting Parental Rights 
Pregnancy and Intimate Partner Violence
Influencing Legislation
Supporting a Father's Rights  


"Elephant Circle is an amazing addition to Colorado!"

“I cannot tell you guys how much it means to me that you were willing to speak with me and share contacts with me, without the fee, and without knowing me at all. It is kindness and a sort of faith in a person that you rarely see anymore and it really warms my heart… Thank you for existing! What you are doing to preserve the rights of midwifes, doulas, pregnant women, and infants is truly amazing, moving and inspiring. Please never give up this fight.”

“I worked with Indra during a stressful time, they gave me the legal support I needed and felt I could tell them my feelings about things along the way, and was supported and guided to find my own voice. Within the realm of family and health of those concerned, Indra is a light at the end of the tunnel. To help guide and support those seeking true justice”

“Working with Indra is truly a pleasure. They're calm, levelheaded, smart, and caring.  We feel like we can reach out to them comfortably, with any question or need, and they always respond quickly and with thoughtfulness and integrity. Interacting with the legal system is stressful, but working with Indra has made our experience infinitely more manageable and much easier to understand. Hire them- you won’t regret it!”