We build local and national networks to achieve our vision of birth justice. Inspired by elephants who give birth within a circle of support, we envision a world where all people have a circle like that. Here’s how we strive to make that world a reality.

We engage with national organizations, their leadership, and their membership to strengthen and expand their reproductive justice work. We organize consumers around legislative and policy issues that impact the lives of Colorado families.

We have worked with people & organizations including:

We have worked on campaigns to:

  • Eliminate the shackling of incarcerated people during labor and birth.

  • Maintain access to direct-entry midwives

  • Prevent the elimination of out-of-hospital VBAC

  • Increase access and equity in the profession of midwifery

  • Oppose dangerous state intervention in the lives of people who have a family member involved in substance use or abuse.

Sometimes this work is done on a project-fee basis, sometimes it is grant-funded, and sometimes it is pro bono. Contact us if you are interested in collaborating or donate to support this work!