Founded in 2018 by an interdisciplinary group of individuals deeply committed to context-informed, transformative equity work in birthing care, PROJECT X applies an intersectional lens to racial inequities.

Our focus on racial inequities stems from the core truth that systemic racism is the most harmful, avoided, and complex inequity impacting birthing outcomes today.  

We bring a wealth of experience from the realms of healthcare, higher education, legal affairs, and reproductive justice to provide systemic analysis and innovative approaches to complex issues of equity to help people and organizations take effective action toward racial equity.  Our goal is to catalyze individuals, communities, government, and other institutions to dismantle structural racism and to create equitable outcomes for all.

We aim to disrupt racial and ethnic inequities within professional organizations and institutions by engaging issues of race, equity, diversity, and inclusion. We support individuals within organizations to develop a deep understanding of their own identity and the historical and cultural contexts in which we all operate, and we empower them to become change agents in their personal and professional spheres. We serve as an objective third party to our clients, providing honest guidance, ongoing partnership, and a safe, compassionate space to do what we know is serious, difficult, and deeply necessary work.

Our engagements with clients require extensive collaboration with leadership and a steering committee over the course of one to two years. Organizations will transform through individual growth, revision of policies and procedures with an equity lens, and team-level alignment to an organization-wide vision for equity.

Project X facilitators are skilled in a variety of teaching styles to meet the needs of diverse groups and learning styles. We utilize a variety of formats and technology to deliver the services we provide. While adapted to meet the needs of the client, we have come to know which formats are better suited for certain services/topics and will make recommendations accordingly to maximize the impact of the service provided and the experience of the participants.

Project X offers a wide variety of of comprehensive services for both individuals and groups. Each service provided aligns with our core values of Authenticity, Adaptability and Transformation listed in detail below and varies in length. We understand that there are topics specific to each client with whom we work. There are also some that are fundamental and necessary for organizations who are striving to become more equitable, diverse and inclusive in every aspect of their practice. Such topics/concepts may include, but would not be limited to, facilitation, consulting and coaching.

Our process is designed around a three-phased model that supports our dedication to context-informed, transformative equity work. Our three-phased model intentionally avoids the pitfalls of a “checklist approach” to equity and evokes an iterative, flexible, and strategic process that orients organizations towards sustainable, long-term, and meaningful change.

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