Non-traditional families so often find that the legal system is not set up to take their rights and reproductive choices into account. Partisan legislation often controls choices related to pregnancy and childbirth.

Elephant Circle is there to provide these families with legal counsel.

One former client had taken the steps necessary to find a sperm donor and create their own sperm donor contract. Knowing their vulnerabilities, “Luke” contacted Elephant Circle early on in pregnancy for legal advice.

Elephant Circle was able to provide a unique service including an expert opinion on a contractual agreement and help this family weigh the risks and benefits of various choices.

Luke contacted EC again after the baby was born about listing names on birth certificate. As the gestational parent he didn’t want to be listed as mother on birth certificate.

A hallmark of Elephant Circle’s work is providing affordable and accessible services empowering families to parent in the safest way possible, given their circumstances. This is merely one example of their impact on strong people during vulnerable times.