Hello Circle Blog Readers!

Hello Readers! My name is Cynthia and I will be writing for the Elephant Circle Blog each month. I just want to introduce myself and give a little bit of background as to how I became connected with Elephant Circle and where I am headed in my own birth work and birth justice journey.

I live in Southern California and began working with Indra and Heather in August 2017 as an intern. At the time I was in the process of completing my master’s degree in American Studies at a California State University and wanted experience in working with a non-profit organization that focused on child birth, diversity, and equity. I sought out my own internship and gladly connected with Indra. Since the completion of my internship in December 2017, I requested to remain involved with Elephant Circle, I feel their intentions and mission of diversity and inclusion align with my own personal values and professional goals. In addition to my work with Elephant Circle I am also on the board for the California Association of Midwives Foundation (CAM) and a member of a local collective, which we call the Inland Empire Birth Workers of Color Collective.

I strongly believe in Elephant Circle as an organization and the people who keep it going on a daily basis. I enjoy being part of this team and look forward to writing for The Circle Blog as well as finding additional writers to contribute to our blog.

Please look for our next post in November/December. Starting in January we will be publishing at least one blog a month and will strive for two. If you are interested in being a contributing writer to our blog let us know in the comments and I will reach out.

Thank you for reading!