Practice Poetry

“Poetry is the way we help give name to the nameless so it can be thought. The farthest horizons of our hopes and fears are cobbled by our poems, carved from the rock experiences of our daily lives.” – Audre Lorde, Poetry is Not a Luxury

This week millions all over the world took to the street together to stand shoulder to shoulder in solidarity at the #WomensMarch. I was among them, and struck by the multiple, organic reasons so many of us were motivated to be there.  Reflected in creative signs, posters, t-shirts and chants, we were clearly not gathered for one reason, but for many. Even those who were not there contributed to the whole with their deliberate absence, or their contribution to someone else’s presence.

Some critics think this indicates a lack of clear vision, worse, mere whining, or an inability to manifest real change. But in fact it indicates that we can and will effectively stand together despite our differences for a series of interconnected ideas, beliefs and values without a single charismatic leader, agenda, or centralized message to unite us. 

This multiplicity is the way forward.  This multiplicity is more poetry than platform.

Allow yourself to be inspired, challenged or confused. Grapple. Savor. Use not just your mind but your senses; use courage and love, take your time.

To thrive in the world today we must cultivate the ability to see, hear, witness and create this kind of poetry.

This poetry requires us each to look beyond our own stanza, phrase, line, and language, and connect to some line or language we couldn’t imagine but can believe in.

Some call this intersectionality, which is a good word. But don’t get stuck on any one word. Don’t get stuck on any one action. Be with the flow of the life force.  Hold loosely to new words to allow the creative process that we need, and that inspires your action, to unfold.

Elephant Circle is a multidisciplinary organization. We use science and deductive reasoning, we use legal argument and persuasion, we use art and imagination, empathy and solidarity. In this blog and in our work we invite you to join us in developing a multidisciplinary toolbox so we can cobble together the farthest horizons of our hopes and remedies to our fears. 

by Indra Lusero